It is the primary responsibility of government to ensure that its citizens are employed. The case of Nigeria is not different. With huge influx of graduates coming out of the universities yearly in Nigeria together with past graduates still seeking for jobs, finding Jobs in Nigeria is quite difficult. The fact is government cannot meet up with the Job demands. The private sector, is offering alternative options to fill in the Job vacancies in Nigeria for graduates of various disciplines looking for a career. Nigerian Movies, Naija music are the latest jobs in Nigeria today as it has much to do with innate inborn abilities rather than area of academic discipline. The communication industry has also done much in alleviating the unemployment situation in Nigeria. In the healthcare sector, pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria rank number one in recruitment of graduates and general provision of jobs to individuals from different fields like Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Accountancy, Law, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Management and Social Sciences.

Eden U-K Pharmaceutical Ltd. is also playing its role in assuaging the unemployment crisis in Nigeria especially for those that want to have a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical jobs in Nigeria are amongst the most preferred by graduates of healthcare and biological sciences. We believe in hiring when we meet not when we need. To this, we have a Job portal for all pharmaceutical vacancies and interested applicants can post their CVs throughout the year as our recruitment is ongoing.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Eden U-K Pharmaceutical Ltd is simply an exceptional place to work! We’re amongst the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Nigeria with a wide array of products covering numerous specialties. We pride ourselves on first-rate customer service – 100% satisfaction guarantee on products, prices, and service. Eden U-K Pharmaceutical Ltd is managed by a team of highly motivated professionals. They are empowered with modern concepts for the development and management of our relationships with allegiance and commitment to providing superior value in our products and services. These, we do on a continuous basis with a clear focus on end users’ needs and satisfaction. Not only is Eden U-K Pharmaceutical Ltd is not only committed to its customers, but to our employees as well. It takes hard work, dedication and imagination to keep Eden U-K Pharmaceutical Ltd at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry. An environment of respect, focus, honesty, openness and dedication is crucial for everyone to keep Eden U-K Pharmaceutical Ltd on the road to persistent success. We strive hard at making Eden U-K Pharmaceutical Ltd a place where people are happy and feel they can contribute to both our success and theirs. The groundwork of our business is strong, and we nurture an environment within the company allowing our employees to personally succeed as well. We seek within the company for career vacancies first.[/accordion]